I am an artist, a graphic designer, a photographer, a mom, a stepmom, a fiery redhead, a klutz, an idealist, a lover and a hopeless rebel. I am what I am today. 


  • Somewhat of a Polymath: I have experience in graphic design, typography, print design, web design, social media marketing and client/account management. I also love photography.

  • Definitely Detail-Oriented: I strive to produce designs that are as good as they can possibly be, and I've been known to go through as many iterations as needed to make that happen. Time permitting, of course.

  • Total Tech Geek: I love the web and tech-y things and computers and learning what makes them tick. I am constantly look for new ways to create unique designs, by using new programs, incorporating new artistic skills and trying new and different methodologies.

  • Life-long Student & Knowledge Seeker: Currently testing the waters of my photography skills. Practicing with friends and family until I earn the experience and refined talent that will leave me deserving of a paycheck for my services.

  • Well-seasoned Multi-Tasker: I have managed my own array of clients, projects and accounts for as long as I can remember with a moderate amount of success.


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